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Our Solar Capabilities

No Matter The Size

solar-installation-checklistEmpire Renewable Energy is a leading commercial solar solutions provider for off-grid and grid-connected systems. We are an authorized distributor for major manufacturers of solar modules. Our completed solar projects range in capacity from small 30kW systems to over 100kW and multi-megawatt systems. The sites we have installed are currently producing over two megawatts of power every producible hour of the day.

The key is we use the same quality control and safety methods, equipment, people and component sources for all of our installations. This means a consistent quality level and benefits no matter the size, type, location or application. And since we work in the residential, commercial and non-profit realms, it means you can trust the result more than with companies who have a more limited experience level. Our solar team has more than 120 years of collective experience in all facets of distributed power generation: design and engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance and technical support. And we bring these resources to every job.

I really can’t emphasize enough how massive this installation is. We stood on the roof for almost an hour just taking it in.

- Karen S. Rogers, writer for the Solar Pool Technologies blog upon finishing tour of Empire's 2.4 Megawatt Cowley Industries installation.


What Empire Renewable Energy Provides

Backed by an over 60 year commitment to providing quality products, service and support,  we provide start-to-finish solar installation support services. For example, we offer full engineering and design services including site surveys, feasibility assessments, and capacity and return on investment calculations. On the purchasing side, we do complete materials evaluation, sourcing as well as ordering, logistics and quality control/inspection. When it comes to installation, we excel at site preparation, construction scheduling, installation management (including panel mounting, interconnection, inverters and metering), safety management, regulatory compliance and inspection support.

And we go beyond to ensure the highest return on investment for our customers. This includes research and management of any applicable incentives including applicable tax and other government incentives, manufacturer rebates, utility company rebates and incentives and “net metering” arrangements. And for after installation support we provide ongoing maintenance including including warranty support and claims, inspection and of course repairs and upgrades.

Renewable Energy Sources We Provide:

Energy production from landfill gasses
Converting biological gases (from livestock) into energy
Anaerobic digestion for energy generation from wastewater
Photovoltaic direct current solar power production

    Empire is installing solar systems throughout Arizona. A sample of our installations include:
  • Sky Harbor Airlift - Phoenix, AZ (System Size: 4,112.4 Megawatts)
  • Cowley Warehouse - Phoenix, AZ (System Size: 2,430.2 Megawatts)
  • OSLC Ellsworth - Mesa, AZ (System Size: 75.7 Kilowatts)
  • Phoenix Metals - Phoenix, AZ (System Size: 69.3 Kilowatts)
  • Hamilton Residence - Phoenix, AZ (System Size: 33.8 Kilowatts)
  • Roadrunner Elementary School - Glendale, AZ (System Size: 30.7 Kilowatts)
  • Canyon Creek Logging - Northern Arizona (System Size: 5.0 Kilowatts)

Where Solar Fits

Clearly, there are some situations where solar power may not be as feasible such as areas where power costs are particularly low, or where a building's roof or structure may not be in a condition where solar panels can be attached. But increasingly, those situations are becoming less of a factor and solar is finding a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list:

  • Single family homes including subdivision, city plots and rural
  • Multi-family residences including multi-plexes and apartments, particularly those with shared roof structures
  • Holiday or vacation homes with intermittent use
  • Ancillary buildings such as barns, storage sheds, open air structures of reasonable size
  • Field installations where large enough property exists adjacent to the residence
  • Office buildings, either single story or multi-story, particularly those with roof areas with direct sun exposure
  • Office and commercial buildings with skylight structures that can be replaced with semi-transparent solar modules
  • Warehouses, particularly those with large, flat type roof areas
  • The vertical walls of office buildings can support solar panel installations (transparent or translucent)
  • Larger building sunshades or balconies may support reasonable returns on solar panels, depending up on sunlight exposure
  • Factories, particularly those with high electric consumption such as foundries, assembly operations and machining
  • Solar power can be used for discrete applications that may be difficult to meter or connect such as environmental monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems for pipelines, well-heads, bridges, and other structures.
  • Water pumping and drainage, particularly those that are intermittent in operation
  • Water desalination is a good example where solar can be very cost effective
  • Hybrid power systems that may team a solar power system with fueled generators (i.e. diesel, gasoline or even natural gas)
Remote Applications
  • Solar energy works well for remote buildings, such as schools, community halls, and clinics
  • Underdeveloped areas for which the solar may be used to charge batteries to maintain power production
  • Highway traffic signals, warning signs, navigation aids, lighthouses, and aircraft warning light structures

Commercial Solar Power Systems In Arizona

There's no question switching to solar power holds substantial benefits, even if it represents only a portion of your business' electrical needs. Not only will you save money, you'll increase customer goodwill. If you're considering solar power for your business, Empire Renewable Energy is the expert in commercial solar power systems and has the largest selection of industrial solar panels for sale in Arizona. For over 60 years, we've been in the power generation business, and no one is more qualified to assess your electrical needs than us.

Call Empire today for a cost analysis of how we can perform a solar energy conversion that will suit your needs, no matter how large or how small.

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