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Joe Perry

Electrical Engineer

Joe Perry’s more than 25 years of design, development and testing of both AC and DC electrical systems includes multiple installations of residential and commercial-scale photovoltaic panel-based generation facilities and their integration with utility grids. His demonstrated capabilities in this field include material and controls evaluation, manufacturer selection, design and innovation, value engineering, project testing, construction management, and system operation, maintenance, upgrade and repair. He has been cited for his attention to quality control of these projects and for his consistent delivery of on-cost, on-time completions. Holding senior positions with Empire Renewable Energy, Empire Southwest, Solar Siting, ST Microelectronics, Sordoni Skanska USA, the Carley Corporation, and System Engineering & Analytics, Mr. Perry has also provided independent project design and consulting services to a wide range of companies in the Eastern and Southwestern United States as well as Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, Costa Rico and the Hawaiian Islands. Education: Mr. Perry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering/Technical Writing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and is completing requirements for advanced Degrees in Construction Management and Electrical Engineering.