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Solar Energy for APS Customers

As an Arizona Public Service Company (APS) customer, you can save money on your monthly utility bill with a solar system from Empire Renewable Energy. We work with Arizona Public Service and all leading Arizona utility companies to offer commercial, residential and nonprofit solar solutions that are reliable and easy to use. If you’ve been considering switching to solar or offsetting your reliance on the grid with a partial solar power installation, we can help.

APS and Solar Savings

APS Solar PowerThere are several ways APS customers can lower their energy bills with solar power from Empire. A solar panel installation can generate all or some of your power needs, depending on the characteristics of your property and the size of your system. Interconnecting with the APS grid ensures you have a reliable source of backup power when you need it. It also allows APS customers to generate further savings by selling excess power back to the grid.

See How Much you Can Save

Solar Technology Components

A typical residential or commercial solar power system will have four main components:

  • The photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert energy captured from the sun into direct current (DC) power
  • The inverter, which converts the (DC) energy captured by the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity which can be used by standard household appliances
  • The mounting hardware, which fixes the PV cells on your roof or other installation site
  • A metering/data acquisition system, which monitors how much of your energy is being produced by your solar panel and how much comes from your utility company

If you’re an APS customer, solar energy is a clean, affordable and reliable alternative to conventional power. To learn more about APS’ solar incentives and rebate programs, contact us directly.

Financing Your Purchase

A residential or commercial solar power system can be a big investment, but it’s one that will pay off through ongoing savings for years to come. In some cases, Empire can assist qualifying APS customers in finding external financial assistance to help cover your initial purchase. Alternately, in some cases we can help you assess your needs and direct you to an external leasing or power purchase agreement solution that’s best for your budget.

Your purchase may also qualify for federal or Arizona tax credits. To learn more about your options, contact our Phoenix office to schedule an appointment with one of our financing experts.


Any of the company’s more than 1.2 million residential and commercial customers can take advantage of APS’ solar energy incentives.

From adding a supplementary solar system to a complete solar installation, there are many ways for APS customers to achieve solar savings. By interconnecting with the grid, you can even earn money for any excess power you generate, allowing you to see an even faster return on your investment.

Contact Empire directly for more information about APS solar energy savings.


Keeping overhead costs low is an important concern for any business. If you’ve been considering making the switch to solar power — whether it’s a roof-mounted system or solar canopy — there are options available to you that may be able to offset the initial installation cost.

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Arizona is ideally suited to solar power generation. Let Empire help you assess your power needs and explain in detail the many benefits solar power can have for APS customers. Get in touch with a representative today to learn more.

Why Empire?Authorized SunPower Dealer

Empire is an award-winning solar power installer and a pioneer in renewable energy solutions for Arizona and beyond. As an authorized SunPower dealer, we offer quality products and unparalleled expertise. Best of all, with a corporate history dating back more than 65 years, we’ll be around to provide service and support for your purchase for years to come.

Free Site Assessments for APS Customers

Want to learn more about the benefits of solar for APS customers? The first step is to arrange your free site assessment. During this initial visit, we’ll perform a comprehensive power needs analysis and outline several potential options for incorporating solar. Call today and book an appointment at your convenience with one of our expert solar engineers.


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