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Building-Integrated PV Systems

PV systems are a great solar option for those interested in minimal changes in a building's appearance.

PV (photovoltaic) cells can be integrated directly into your property's buildings — making them a good fit for residential homes, retail centers, office buildings and other facilities.

Designing a building-integrated PV system requires a careful consideration of your property to identify how and where to put solar components. For this reason, your choice of an installer is critical.

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At Empire, our engineering team has more than 120 years of combined experience performing solar installations for both residential and commercial clients of every size. Whether you simply want to bring solar to your home in a way that minimizes aesthetic disruption, or you want a complete commercial system that drives ongoing value for your organization, we can help.

It all begins with a comprehensive site assessment, where we’ll discuss your options with you in great detail, and develop a plan for moving forward. To learn more about the benefits an integrated PV system can bring to your property, contact our team today.