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Solar Shelter Installation

Solar shelters are a great example of how smart design and engineering can make use of alternative spaces.

Shelter-mounted solar panels make use of the tops of awnings, gazebos and other structures. While limited in the amount of power they can produce, shelter installations are a great way to offset your overall energy consumption without a major investment.

Solar shelters are both functional and affordable to install, making them an ideal choice for parks and recreation facilities. In addition to generating power, they provide a shady space where visitors can gather.

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Pros and Cons

Solar shelters share many of the same advantages of roof mount solar installations. Most importantly, they integrate seamlessly with existing structures and allow you to enjoy the benefits of solar without taking up ground space. They also deliver a faster return on your investment thanks to their low installation cost. Unlike ground mount systems, solar shelters are generally unobtrusive and rarely conflict with zoning codes or municipal bylaws.

One of the most commonly cited drawbacks to a solar shelter is the lack of positioning options. Whereas a ground mount system can be equipped with an automatic tracker to maximize sun exposure, solar shelter installations are fixed in place. For this reason, if you are going to install a solar shelter on your property, it’s especially important to work with a team of experienced engineers who can perform a comprehensive site survey to determine the optimal system design and configuration.

Maintaining a Solar Shelter

Maintenance expenses are a critical concern for municipal parks departments and other civic organizations. Fortunately, because they have no moving parts, solar shelters require little in the way of ongoing service. As long as the panels are kept clean and free of debris, there is little to worry about on a month-to-month basis.

A qualified installer can help you set up an appropriate maintenance schedule and provide training for your staff as necessary. Contact Empire directly for more information.

Who Can Benefit

As noted above, parks and recreation facilities are some of the most common sites for solar shelter installations. The power created by a well-designed solar shelter can lead to ongoing savings on monthly utility bills — an important benefit for public parks that are trying to make the most of their operating budget.

Similarly, any facility with a gazebo or other external structure can install an unobtrusive solar system to offset their energy use. Solar structures can be found on large estates, country clubs and a range of other private properties.

Solar shelters are closely related to parking lot solar canopies and other fixed rooftop systems. Empire can help you explore your options in detail and put together a list of possible installation sites.

Getting Started

Empire is a leading provider of solar shelter installations for businesses throughout Arizona. An authorized SunPower® dealer with longstanding expertise in green technology, we design and install customized solar energy systems for a variety of applications. Our team has experience solving the complex engineering challenges associated with installing solar panels in facilities where space is at a premium.

To learn more about the benefits of installing a solar shelter, or to view a detailed cost-benefit analysis that outlines how quickly you can see a return on your investment, contact the solar team at Empire today.

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