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Pole-Mount Solar Installation

Pole-mount solar panels are used in situations when avaialble roof space is insufficient or impractical.

While pole mounting solar panels can maximize exposure to sunlight, it does require a large portion of land to be dedicated to the solar installation. For this reason, solar panel pole mounting tends to be limited to commercial or agricultural installations, or on large private properties. In these situations, professionally installed pole-mount solar panel systems can help reduce your energy bill or even power your property entirely. The use of an automatic tracker can help maximize exposure to sunlight and power generation.

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Benefits of Pole Mounting

Pole mounting is one of the easiest and most straightforward types of solar installation. If your property has unused outdoor space, pole mounting gives you the freedom to make use of it in the most efficient manner possible. With pole mounting, there are fewer restrictions on where and how you can set up your solar system. Conversely, with a roof mount system, you are limited in the number of panels you can install and may encounter efficiency issues if they are not angled properly.

A pole mount solar installation is also the easiest to equip with a sun tracking system that will ensure maximum exposure — and maximum productivity — over the course of the day. Because the panels are raised off the ground, pole mount systems allow for easier maintenance and cleanup. There is also evidence to suggest that the increased airflow around a pole mount solar installation can improve its performance.

Potential Drawbacks

Pole mounting isn’t the right choice for every solar installation. The biggest disadvantage to pole mounting is that it requires unused land. As a result, it is often not practical in dense urban environments. Many find large pole-mounted solar arrays to be an unsightly presence, and their use is often restricted by municipal bylaws or community homeowners associations.

Pole mount systems require additional hardware, which drives up the initial installation cost. However, in many cases, this extra investment is worth it thanks to the system’s improved power generation capabilities.

Takeaways: Who Can Benefit

Pole mounting can be a good choice for your property if:

  • Roof mounting isn’t practical, or you want to supplement a roof-mounted system with additional solar panels
  • Unused outdoor space is available, and aesthetic and zoning concerns don’t apply
  • You’re willing to invest extra initially for a system that will generate a better ROI over time

Pole mount solar systems are often found on rural properties with large tracts of cleared land. They are also a good choice for university and corporate campuses, government facilities, healthcare centers and more.

Working with Empire

The engineering team at Empire has a combined 120 years of solar panel installation experience. If you want to go green, pole-mount solar panels are just one of many options available to you. Let us perform a comprehensive site assessment and benefits analysis that outlines the best system for you.

Empire will provide expert advice and detailed consultations to identify the optimal type of solar installation for your needs and your budget. If pole mounting is not the right choice, we will present you with a number of alternatives to help you make an informed, practical and forward-thinking decision.

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