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Ground-Mount Solar Installation

Ground-mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day.

Ground mounting is similar to pole mounting in that it requires a dedicated space in a yard or field to set up the panels. As a result, they are an ideal choice for residential, commercial or agricultural use, or on any other site where land is available. 

In this type of setup, solar panels must be angled to maximize exposure to the sun. An optional tracker system can be installed on ground-mount solar panels to improve energy generation over the course of a day.

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Ground-mount solar panels can require a lot of space, and as a result, they are best suited to rural or suburban properties. They are especially popular for farms, office parks, large retail centers and other properties where roof mounting isn’t an option.

With a ground-mount solar panel installation:

  • You are limited only by the amount of free space on your property. This provides additional design and installation flexibility, allowing you to create a system that’s better suited to your needs.
  • You don’t have to worry about the condition of your roof. A quality solar installation can last 20-30 years or longer — more than most residential and commercial roofs. With ground-mount solar panels, when your roof does need repairs or replacing, you don’t have to spend extra time and money removing and re-installing your solar system.
  • You can achieve greater efficiency than rooftop solar. The increased airflow underneath a ground-mounted panel helps it stay cooler, so it can convert sunlight to energy more efficiently. With a ground-mounted installation, it’s also possible to add a sun tracking system that maximizes exposure to the sun at all times.

As a result of these benefits, Ground mounting has the potential to generate more power than exclusively roof-mounted systems. And easier access means any required maintenance can be performed without a major disruption. This also makes it simpler to expand or modify your installation if necessary.


Not all solar products are made equally. Empire is proud to be an authorized dealer of SunPower panels — some of the most efficient and advanced solar technology on the market today. With a SunPower ground-mount solar panel installation, you’ll see a return on your investment faster while having fewer maintenance and service requirements to worry about.

From a small residential solar system to a large commercial installation, Empire has the products and the expertise to be your partner for complete renewable energy solutions. We’ll help with every step of the process — from the initial site surveying to installation and ongoing maintenance.


Contact us today to decide whether ground-mount solar panels are right for you. Our engineers can perform a comprehensive site assessment and savings projection outlining your options and the potential benefits in detail.

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