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Ground-Mount Solar Installation

Ground-mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day.

Solar solutions harness the sun’s energy, convert it and store it. Companies use solar energy and sometimes return it to the main power grid for resale so they can generate renewable energy tax credits. Solar energy offers the additional benefits of being clean, easy to use and continuously renewable. Plus, it doesn’t incur transport or delivery charges.

The types of solar panels most commonly used by businesses and homeowners are either ground or roof-mounted.

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Ground mount solar panels can be placed anywhere in a yard or field that sees the sun for the majority of the day. Ground mounting is similar to pole mounting in that it requires a dedicated space in a yard or field to set up the panels. As a result, they are an ideal choice for residential, commercial or agricultural use, or on any other site where land is available.

Through 2019, the federal government offers a corporate tax credit that equates to a 30 percent rebate on the cost of the system. The rebate becomes available after purchase and installment of the system but in decreasing amounts each year.

The federal government offers a corporate tax credit on solar panels systems.


The engineering team at Empire has a combined 120 years of solar panel installation experience. If you want to go green, ground mount solar panels are just one of many options available to you. Let us perform a comprehensive site assessment and benefits analysis that outlines the best system for you.

Empire will provide expert advice and detailed consultations to identify the optimal type of solar installation for your needs and your budget. If ground mounting is not the right choice, we will present you with a number of alternatives to help you make an informed, practical and forward-thinking decision.

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What Are Ground Mount Solar Panels?

Ground mount solar panels are a solar solution that can be easily implemented in a large yard or field. The panels are similar to pole-mounted solar panels, but instead of being elevated on poles, they are installed directly on the ground.

Poles support the ground-mounted panels, which are positioned for maximum sun absorption and have tracking options which will allow the panels to move with the sun. The poles can be varied lengths from a few inches to many feet so that you can mount them at different heights depending on the topography of the land.

Benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panels

There are a number of benefits for choosing ground mount solar panels in comparison to roof-mounted systems.

  • You can install ground mount solar panels just about anywhere there is enough sunlight and available land.
  • Roof-mounted systems have more limitations due to safety regulations and the architecture of the roof.
  • Roof-mounted systems have limited space and when you need to perform maintenance on your roof, you will have to remove the solar panels to make the repairs.
  • Roof-mounted systems are often less efficient. Increased airflow underneath ground-mounted panels allows the panels to stay cooler and convert energy more efficiently.


Empire is a leading provider of ground mount solar installations for businesses throughout Arizona. An authorized SunPower® dealer with longstanding expertise in green technology, we design and install customized solar energy systems for a variety of applications.

To learn more about the benefits of installing ground mount solar panels, or to view a detailed cost-benefit analysis that outlines how quickly you can see a return on your investment, contact the solar team at Empire today.

Ground Mount Solar Fits Agricultural Applications

Agricultural operations of all kinds can reap the benefits from ground-mounted solar panel systems because these operations typically have large amounts of free space to install them on.

Farms, ranches and all kinds of commercial ventures involving agriculture need steady power. A ground-mounted solar panel array can provide a clean, reliable source of power anywhere there is sunlight and ground to host it.

Farmers often disregard the idea of roof-mounted solar power because they have skylights that provide natural light and heat and they don't want to block them. Others have pole sheds and barns with roofs and framing that will not adequately support solar panels. However, they have more than enough space on the ground for them.

Benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panels for Farms

Solar energy can benefit farming operations as even small farms require high amounts of energy for agricultural activities such as:

  • Heating water
  • Generating heat for buildings
  • Running dryers and conveyors
  • Pumping water
  • Operating milking, watering and feeding equipment
  • Running electric fences
  • Powering greenhouses
  • Lighting and heating

Solar energy can benefit farming operations that require high amounts of energy.

Solar energy for agriculture fits well because it can eliminate some of the expense and hassle of fuels traditionally used in farming such as propane, kerosene and diesel. All of these fuel types are expensive. Solar power provides a source of energy at a lower cost to both the operation and the environment.

Considerations for Agricultural Ground Mount Solar Installations

The ground-mounted systems should be installed where they’re out of the way of busy, daily operations. Heavy equipment, people and animals need to be able to circulate easily without conflict. The ground-mounted solar panels can be placed in various formations to include little or large space between.

Most farmers have patches of land not suitable for planting, and those can be perfect sites for ground-mounted solar panels. Solar power can benefit every kind of farmer from corn and cherry trees to mushrooms and wine grapes.

Ground mount solar panel installation requirements are simple since you need only open, solid ground where the sun shines for a majority of the day.

All energy sources cost money, but after an initial investment into a quality, expandable system of ground-mounted solar panels, the technology produces low-cost and low-maintenance power for agricultural applications.


Getting the most benefit from a ground mount solar requires working with a company that knows what they are doing and uses quality components. Empire is a leading solar solutions provider for homes, businesses and non-profits throughout Arizona. We are an authorized SunPower® dealer and are pleased to offer the company’s full lineup of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

Not sure if a ground mount solar system is right for your property? We’ll perform a comprehensive site assessment and put together a detailed feasibility study outlining all materials and costs involved. From there, we’ll help you make an informed decision that gets you up and running quickly, while streamlining your path to a strong ROI.

Ground Mount Solar Systems for Commercial Applications

Many companies with open lots or land choose ground mount solar panels as a way to provide green energy for their business. You will find ground mount installations at factories, warehouses, schools, and other commercial organizations.

The Benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panels for Businesses

Efficiency benefits business, especially when it concerns power generation and environmental stewardship. Quality, well-installed, ground-mounted solar panels create smart operations that translate to dollars in the bank. Panels not only generate energy and save on electric bills, but they may also qualify a business for green-energy incentives such as tax credits and rebates.

A majority of companies already use their roof for other purposes, so ground mount fits well when there is no roof space. It can also provide a useful function for undeveloped or unused lots, open land, and old parking lots.

Ground-Mount fits well when there is no roof space available.

Ground-mounted solar is not dependent on roof direction or surroundings. It can turn an unused lot into an energy-generating asset. Solar power carries the potential to complement existing green-energy solutions and enhance properties. For example:

  • A lot may be too small or awkwardly located to develop for commercial purposes, but with solar panel installations it becomes a tool to generate energy, save money and build a positive image.
  • It’s common for many types of companies to own copious property that sometimes sits empty for years or even decades. Ground-mounted solar panels become a way for that land to be profitable and useful.
  • Development patterns change over time in any neighborhood, region or other areas, often leaving behind formerly sought-after parking lots that later sit empty. Ground-mounted solar panels turn it into an Earth-friendly, money-making solution.
  • Ground-mounted solar panels can be added over a parking lot to serve a dual purpose of producing energy and shading parked cars.

Any ground-mounted solar installation stands as a built-in marketing tool that helps build a positive perception of your company and brand.

Ground-Mount Solar Panel Considerations for Businesses

Some businesses are so eager to start installing solar solutions that they don't differentiate quality products and installation. Solar energy panels have various energy-output capabilities, and the quality of both the panels used and the installation itself can affect the value to your business.

Empire features SunPower energy solutions, which has a 40-year lifespan and a 25-year warranty. They offer the industry’s top operating efficiency, with up to 20 percent more energy production than competing products.

Empire features sunpower energy solutions which offers the industry's top operating efficiency.

The rule of quality applies not only to the panels themselves but the installation of them. The difference between a well-done and a mediocre solar panel installation can be planning to receive a profit within an expected time frame and instead needing to circle back later and invest more money in maintenance and repairs. It's essential to partner with trained, experienced experts you can trust.

At Empire, our engineering team has more than 120 years of combined experience performing solar installations for both residential and commercial clients of every size.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Ground Mount Solar Installations?

Some companies, organizations, and government entities don’t initially think of themselves as a good candidate for ground-mounted solar solutions, yet nearly any sector or industry can benefit from it, including:

  • Apartment buildings and multi-family sites
  • Factories and industrial business
  • Farms
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Hospitals and health care campuses
  • Government complexes
  • Land developers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Offices
  • Parks, campsites, recreational facilities
  • Retail complexes and sites
  • Schools
  • Warehouses


Empire is a longstanding solar pioneer serving clients throughout Arizona. An authorized SunPower® dealer, we use some of the most efficient and advanced PV products on the market today.

Let us help you take advantage of one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources and enjoy dependable, affordable solar energy all year round. To learn more, keep browsing our website or get in touch with our team directly.

Ground Mount Solar Installation Creates Comfort in Residential Applications

When homeowners think of solar energy, they typically think of rooftop solar panels. However, ground mount solar panels for residential use can actually be as effective as or more effective than rooftop solar panels.

The Benefits of Ground Mount Solar Panels for Homeowners

Just about any homeowner can implement solar solutions at home, and it’s estimated that homes using solar power can potentially draw 40 percent or more of their energy from the source.

Some families opt for a rooftop setup but then realize after that they use more electricity than the system is able to deliver. Residential ground-mounted solar panels offer options to expand an existing solar solution or implement a new one.

Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of solar as evidenced by the explosive growth of installation numbers. Between 2014 and 2015, residential solar installations increased by 60 percent, and by 2015, there was an average of one, new residential solar setup installed every 100 seconds.

Between 2014 and 2015, residential solar installations increased by 60 percent.

Ground-mounted solar options have the advantage of easy access for maintenance and cleaning, as well as increased air flow for more efficient energy production. Homeowners also like ground-mounted solar panels because they eliminate any worry about removing or working around the panel equipment when roof maintenance, repair or replacement is needed.

The ground-mounted panels also solve a dilemma many homeowners encounter when their roof, or parts of it, are not oriented in a way that maximizes the solar energy potential. Commonly, one side of a roof faces the feasible way while the opposing side does not work, or both sides may only get half a day of sun.

Some homes feature many roof angles, which makes for attractive architecture but doesn’t always work well for solar panels. If you have an area on the ground, panels can be made to track the sun and placed at optimal heights with ideal spacing.

Ground Mount Solar Installation Considerations for Homeowners

Homeowners can benefit from having a professional solar installer consult with them about the type of system that would serve the household’s needs based on what space is available to host it. It pays to seek a company with broad experience in ground- and roof-mounted solar systems.

For example, you might want to ask your potential solar vendor if their project skills include independent arrays as well as ones connected to the grid. Have they done systems of all sizes or do they specialize in small or large? Do they serve both residential and commercial solar power systems? You should also make sure the company is properly licensed in the state where they do business.

Empire’s qualified professionals help answer commonly asked questions regarding home or business installation:

  • How do I select the best site?
  • What will I need to do to prepare for installation?
  • What kind of access do I need to maintain?
  • Whom do I contact at the power company?
  • How many panels do I need to power my home?
  • What choices of power generation do I have?
  • What features, accessories and hardware come with the panels?
  • How is the energy metered and at what rate?

You are much better off investing in quality up front instead of paying for maintenance and repair later.


At Empire, our engineering team has more than 120 years of combined experience performing solar installations for both residential and commercial clients of every size. Whether you simply want to bring solar to your home in a way that minimizes aesthetic disruption, or you want a complete commercial system that drives ongoing value for your organization, we can help.

It all begins with a comprehensive site assessment where we’ll discuss your options with you in great detail, and develop a plan for moving forward. To learn more about the benefits an integrated PV system can bring to your property, contact our team today.

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