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We're Open and

Committed to Helping You

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What are the

Business Benefits?

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What makes

Sunpower better?

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Get Superior Return on Your Investment with Empire

We'll work with you to determine the specifications and handle all of the paperwork, giving you a turnkey product with a reliable warranty for up to 25 years. Here's how.


Solar delivers peace of mind, so you can focus on your mission

Solar can lower your costs for many years to come. Making a key energy cost predictable is reassurance, no matter the fundraising climate. Here's proof.


Quality products, excellent service, superior workmanship

Our expertise allows us to size a system that fits your needs to ensure your solar power investment pays for the next 40 years. Here's why.

who we are

why choose us?

Turnkey Solar Installations for Business in Arizona

Have you considered solar energy as a way to give your business an edge? Some Arizona business owners may wonder if the benefits are worth the costs, but there's never been a better time for companies to make the switch. Today’s solar technology is more efficient than ever, and many government and utility initiatives are available to offset the cost of installation.

Giving Back

Community Involvement

Empire actively supports efforts for solar power used to educate and improve learning environment for students.

Getting Started: A Site Assessment

Interested in high efficiency solar panels, but still have questions? We're pleased to offer a free consultation and site study to recommend a system that best fits your needs.

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Awards and Recognition

Empire Renewable Energy is a leader in solar modules. We’re proud that our commitment to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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How Solar Energy Works

Solar technology is increasing in popularity every day and knowing the basics of how solar power works is important if you’re considering an installation.

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