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Solar Panel Installations

solar panel installationIn Arizona, the benefits of solar power are obvious. Our state's sunny climate makes it easy to offset your reliance on the grid with solar panel installation. Add solar panels to your property and you'll see an immediate drop in your energy bills.

Empire Renewable Energy is one of the oldest and most experienced solar panel installation companies in Arizona. We've completed projects for both homes and commercial facilities in Phoenix and beyond. Whether you own a school, church, warehouse, hospital, farm, or single family house, our solar installers can help you.

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A Pioneer in Solar Power

Our parent company, Empire Southwest, recognized early the importance of renewable energy. Today, all of our company's locations run on green power, whether it's solar, biogas or another sustainable alternative. Launching Empire Renewable Energy was the next logical step in this commitment, and the best way to bring our expertise to residential, commercial and nonprofit customers throughout the state.

With a combined 120 years of experience, our staff has the technical background necessary to complete solar installations of any size. We have a proven record of success and will be around to stand behind our work with dedicated service and support well into the future.

A Partner to Leading Solar Manufacturers

In addition to being the most qualified solar installation company in Arizona, Empire Renewable Energy is also an authorized dealer of SunPower products. SunPower solar modules have been continuously recognized as the best performing on the market today, offering up to 24 percent efficiency. A solar installation featuring SunPower panels will:

  • Deliver better overall performance all day long, even in cloudy conditions
  • Work more effectively in high temperatures
  • Keep working at optimal efficiency well into the future
  • Produce up to 20 percent more usable energy per square foot

SunPower solar modules are American-made and backed by a 25-year warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. For more information about available products, contact us directly.


Your Choice of a Solar Panel Installer Matters

Having the best products is critical, but having solar panel installers who know how to use them is even more important. When you work with Empire Renewable Energy, you gain a partner who:

  • Will be there for you every step of the way, providing transparent communication and a full picture of your options during the sourcing, design and installation phases of your project
  • Has the expertise necessary to solve complex engineering challenges and design a better-performing system, even in applications where space or access to direct sunlight is limited
  • Can help you identify solar incentives from your utility company, as well as grants and rebates from municipal, state and federal sources
  • Can provide detailed cost analyses and savings projections, so you have a clearer understanding of how quickly you will see a return on your investment
  • Will stand behind their work with warranty support as well as on-site service and repairs

Empire Renewable Energy has been named SunPower's regional commercial dealer of the year and was a finalist for the Valley Forward Environmental Excellence award.

Get Started Today

The first step in adding a solar installation to your property is to schedule your site assessment. Contact our office today and we'll send one of our skilled solar engineers to your location at your convenience. During this initial meeting, we will give you a full picture of your options, including a timeline to completion and the costs involved in moving forward.

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