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Turnkey Solar Installations for Business in Arizona

Empire stands by its products and workmanship with industry leading products, warranties and a 65-year reputation of serving our clients. Some Arizona business owners may think the initial costs of switching to solar are too high. In fact, there's never been a better time for companies to switch. Today’s solar technology is more efficient than ever, and many government and utility initiatives are available to offset the cost of installation.

With a commercial solar system installation, no matter what industry you’re in, you'll see a return on your investment quickly.

Empire Renewable Energy has a long history of helping small businesses and other commercial clients choose the solar energy solution that’s right for them. For 65 years, Empire has been committed to quality products, excellent service and superior workmanship. We are an official Commercial SunPower Dealer and offer both turnkey solar installations for small businesses and custom solar systems for larger facilities. From rooftop systems to ground mounted solar installations, a number of configuration options are available to meet your space considerations.

In the past, we have completed projects for organizations in:

  • Education —  From K-12 to universities and colleges, as well as continuing education and specialty learning centers, we can match your institution with the ideal solar package.
  • Warehousing/Storage —  A solar installation can lower overhead costs in logistics operations, specialized storage facilities, recycling centers and other industrial buildings.
  • Retail —  Solar energy not only saves retail operations money, but it shows your customers you care about the environment. Contact Empire for information about installing solar in both owner-occupied and leased buildings.
  • Lodging/Recreation —  Save money while keeping your guests comfortable. Empire can install solar products in gyms, hotels, spas and more.
  • Healthcare — Hospitals, long- and short-term care facilities, clinics and other care providers need to know they will have reliable power when they need it. Trust Empire’s engineering expertise for a solution that won’t let you down.
  • Food service —  Restaurants, canteens, cafeterias and more can offset their power use with a solar installation.
  • Manufacturing/Processing —  From assembly operations to mining sites, Empire can help you meet your power needs.

Commercial Solar Systems in Arizona

Empire is the industry leader in renewable energy. Since 2008, we have been helping Arizona small businesses adopt solar energy solutions tailored to their space and budget considerations. Our team includes some of Arizona's solar energy pioneers, and we've partnered with leading manufacturers to offer flexible installations of solar panels for all businesses. Get started by contacting Empire today for a free site study to determine the commercial solar system that’s best for you.

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