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Solar Shade Awnings

Solar shade awnings utilize an area that has high sunlight exposure, making them an ideal choice for space-strapped properties.

For aesthetic reasons, solar shade awnings are often used by retail stores, schools, and other commercial spaces. While some homeowners enjoy the unique look of solar shade awnings, many do not, which limits their appeal as a source of residential power.

They can complement a roof-mounted system or work on their own to generate power that offsets your use of energy from the grid. 

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Benefits and Features

Solar shade awnings are an affordable, unobtrusive way to begin reducing your reliance on the grid. They can be installed quickly with a minimal amount of disruption to your operation, so you can stay productive and profitable while work is being completed.

Solar shade awnings offer many of the benefits of other canopy-type installations. Because they don’t take up any land area, solar shade awnings are an excellent choice for urban applications or for any property where space concerns prohibit the use of ground- or pole-mounted systems. They also serve as an alternative — or a complement — to roof mount panels, allowing you to maximize power generation on a property where additional rooftop space is unavailable.

In addition to generating power, solar shade awnings can reduce your reliance on air conditioning and other HVAC appliances by providing shade for sun-facing windows — so your property will be naturally cooler. Even if you are not using solar shade awnings to generate all of your facility’s power, they will still make a noticeable difference when installed properly.

Potential Drawbacks

Solar shade awnings are not the right choice for every property. In dense urban areas, ensuring sufficient exposure to sunlight may be a problem. Even in ideal conditions, solar awnings will be limited in the amount of energy they can generate, as they are fixed in place.

If a solar awning isn’t the right choice for your facility, we’ll help you determine a suitable alternative that will meet your needs while delivering a fast return on your investment. If you decide to proceed with an awning, our engineers can ensure the installation delivers the best exposure possible.

Quality Partnerships Make the Difference

Getting the most benefit from a solar awning requires working with a company that knows what they are doing and uses quality components. Empire is a leading solar solutions provider for homes, businesses and non-profits throughout Arizona. We are an authorized SunPower® dealer and are pleased to offer the company’s full lineup of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

Not sure if a solar awning is right for your property? We’ll perform a comprehensive site assessment and put together a detailed feasibility study outlining all materials and costs involved. From there, we’ll help you make an informed decision that gets you up and running quickly, while streamlining your path to a strong ROI.

Common Applications

Solar awnings can be found on retail storefronts, low-rise office buildings, government facilities, college and university campuses, and more. While not commonly added onto older homes, new builds present a number of opportunities for incorporating solar awnings and canopies in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Whatever the intended application, Empire can design and install a solar shade awning system that delivers a strong return on your investment. Alone or as part of a larger system, solar shade awnings are a great choice for many properties. For more information, or to request a site assessment from our team of solar engineers, contact us today.

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