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Solar Shade Awnings

Solar shade awnings utilize an area that has high sunlight exposure, making them an ideal choice for space-strapped properties.

For aesthetic reasons, solar shade awnings are often used by retail stores, schools, and other commercial spaces. While some homeowners enjoy the unique look of solar shade awnings, many do not, which limits their appeal as a source of residential power.

They can complement a roof-mounted system or work on their own to generate power that offsets your use of energy from the grid. 

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In addition to generating power, solar shade awnings can reduce your reliance on air conditioning and other HVAC appliances by providing shade for sun-facing windows — so your property will be naturally cooler.

Whatever the intended application, Empire can design and install a solar shade awning system that delivers a strong return on your investment. Alone or as part of a larger system, solar shade awnings are a great choice for many properties. For more information, or to request a site assessment from our team of solar engineers, contact us today.