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Parking Lot Solar Canopy Installation

Solar canopies are an increasingly popular way to take full investment advantage of covered parking spaces.

Parking lot canopy solar installations are an excellent installation option for malls, airports, hospitals and other facilities with large parking areas. Not only will you generate green power, but your customers will also appreciate the shade as they walk to and from their car.

A wide range of installation options make parking lot solar panels a strong aesthetic choice. At Empire, we can design a system that looks great, is easy to maintain and maximizes power generation potential.

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In recent years, parking lot solar panel installations have emerged as one of the fastest segments of the renewable energy market. With Arizona’s bright sun and dependence on cars, parking lot solar systems are an ideal fit. From shopping malls to office parks, solar parking lots are appearing with increasing frequency in commercial properties across the state.

Empire has partnered with SunPower — an industry-leading manufacturer of solar panels — to offer one of the best selections of parking lot solar panel installations on the market today. Available options include:

  • Architectural solar canopies, which are tilted at customized angles to provide a unique aesthetic while maximizing exposure to the sun. Reliable and cost-effective, architectural canopies also have the ability to divert water runoff away from parked cars.
  • Fixed-tilt solar canopies, which are the most straightforward and cost-effective type of parking lot system. They can be flat or tilted to maximize power generation and, as they have no moving parts, they require little ongoing maintenance, making them a good choice for large-scale installations.

Get in touch with an Empire representative directly to discuss in detail the specific pros and cons of each type of installation. We can help you go over your power needs and perform a comprehensive site survey to determine the best type of system for your property.


When you choose Empire to design and install a parking lot solar panel system, you are working with one of the oldest and most experienced renewable energy experts in Arizona. We’ll ensure you get the right system for your needs and back up everything we do with on-site service and support.


The one-time costs of installing parking lot solar panels on your property will deliver ongoing returns for years to come. Even a small installation can offset your energy costs and generate goodwill among customers, both for your efforts to go green and for the convenience of having a shady place to park.


Empire has installed commercial parking lot solar panel systems for numerous clients in Phoenix and beyond. Contact us to schedule a site assessment today.

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