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SunPower Solar Panels

In an effort to provide our clients across Arizona with the highest efficiency solar energy systems available, Empire Renewable Energy has partnered with SunPower.

Authorized Authorized DealerWhy SunPower?

SunPower modules have a 40-year lifespan and superior lifetime production. SunPower's solar cells are the best performing on the market today with an operating efficiency of up to 24%. Per square foot, this produces as much as 20% more energy than competing products, which means you’ll get a faster return on your investment.

SunPower solar panels:

• Outperform their competitors in the early morning, late afternoon and in cloudy conditions
• Absorb different light wavelengths to generate even more electricity
• Are more efficient at converting light into electricity rather than heat, which means they perform better in Arizona’s high temperatures
• Maintain optimal efficiency past their initial break-in phase

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sunpower x-seriesSunPower solar panels are consistently rated the highest in their output when compared to the same sized solar panels in the industry. This translates into nearly 10% more energy, even against panels that are rated for the same power output. As the chart to the left shows, this payback you receive increases over time since savings on power are cumulative.

The Best SoLar Panel technology

The secret to the exceptional performance of SunPower photovoltaic panels is their patented Maxeon® solar cell technology. Maxeon solar cells are made of premium materials that capture more light than other products. Unique features include a grid-free design and a backsheet that reflects additional light back into the solar cell. SunPower cells are designed to endure real-world weather conditions, which keeps long-term maintenance costs low while ensuring a minimum 98% uptime.

A world-class warranty

SunPower solar panels feature an industry-leading 25-year comprehensive warranty covering both manufacturer’s defects and overall performance — if your solar installation doesn’t continue to deliver exceptional efficiency during this time, Empire Renewable Energy will cover the cost of a replacement.

Because we are an authorized SunPower dealer for Arizona businesses, we’re your first point of contact for all service and maintenance concerns, making it easy to quickly take care of any issues that arise.

sunpower-warrantyThe longer a panel lasts, the more power it produces. But claims of panel longevity typically aren't matched by the warranties that are given. SunPower has the most generous warranty on the market. In fact, they guarantee their product against defects and that it will continue to produce more power over the warranty period. If the product fails to perform in either instance, SunPower will replace the panels and cover the removal and installation costs. The charts to the left compare SunPower's warranties with those generally offered by other manufacturers.


As the largest and best-established provider of renewable energy solutions in Arizona, Empire is committed to bringing the best products and service to all our clients. Our partnership with SunPower is a natural one, as both our companies have a long history of innovation and leadership.

When you work with Empire, we’ll help you choose the right SunPower solar panel for your application. With access to the company’s entire lineup of products and the expertise necessary to help you make smart choices, we can provide the service and support you need for any residential or commercial solar project.

SunPower solar panels require little regular maintenance and can be counted on for years of trouble-free use. For any service issues, maintenance or warranty work that is required, one call to Empire is all it takes.


The first step in installing a SunPower solar panel system is to get in touch with an Empire representative directly. We’ll schedule a comprehensive site evaluation in which we go over your power needs and the specifics of your property to present you with several options and pick the best one for your budget. We’ll then put together a package containing SunPower panels and all the hardware necessary to begin the installation.

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Find out more about SunPower solar panel installation by contacting Empire today.

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